Email Items for Uncle Fester: Officer Down Edition

Cops killed by firearms chart The chart above shows firearm related deaths of police officers and law enforcement personnel since 2005. []

This chart shows police fatalities by administration:

Cop fatalities by adminstration [Link here]

There is possibly no way Uncle Fester, that Right Wing Loon at the Thanksgiving Dinner assembly, is going to believe his own lying eyes. However, that doesn’t mean his inbox should be immune from a few bits of factual matter.

We all know by now that the Uncle Festers of the world aren’t moved by facts, data, peer reviewed statistics, or logical arguments.  If they were they’d not be saying things like: “My great-grandparents didn’t come to this country to have their descendents shoved out of jobs by immigrants.” (A debunked tweet now picked up and repeated by Trump followers and detractors alike.)

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