2 responses to “Stuff about foreign policy you know if you aren’t a Republican

  1. No. Good, hard bargaining would have been to release just their $400 Million period! The interest should have been recompense for Iran’s illegally holding our embassy employees hostage for 444 days.

  2. Interesting point, however the Iran-US Claims Tribunal (3 US judges, 3 Iranian judges, 3 judges from neutral nations) had been working on the “fighter jet claims ($400M) since The Algiers Accord — since all the private claims against Iran had been paid (some $2.5 billion to US claimants) that left the $400 + interest still on the table. Word from the Tribunal around the beginning of Obama’s second term was that the $400M claim was to be decided very soon, and not necessarily in favorable terms for the U.S. the bargaining position from Iran being from $6B to $10B in interest payments. I’m proposing here that “hard” bargaining isn’t defined by the result of a negotiation but by the movement from the initial bargaining positions by each side. Iran started wanting their $400M back plus $10B in interest; they got the $400M (which they’d have gotten eventually anyway since it was in essence an escrow account) and $1.3B-$1.7B in interest.