Eleanor Roosevelt Sums It Up

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Now, think about the general tone and substance (or lack thereof) apparent in 2016 campaign for the Presidency on the part of Donald J. Trump.  Consider his avoidance of venues in which he could have directly addressed African Americans – the Urban League, the NAACP?  Consider his speeches to nearly all white audiences while telling African Americans “Vote for me, because you’ve got nothing to lose.”  Think of the surrogate on television suggesting a burning car would be a good backdrop for appeals to the African American community?  Remember his comment about Mexican “drug smugglers and rapists?” His verbal assault on a Judge of Mexican American heritage?  His supporters chanting “Build the Wall?”

Add to this toxic mixture his selection of a foreign policy adviser who opined that “there weren’t enough ovens,” in Nazi death camps to murder 6 million people.  [McClatchyDC]  The Trump campaign is focusing on discussing people, people as the “other” – African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Jewish Americans, Native Americans, Muslim Americans…

There’s also the matter of how the Trump campaign addresses policy issues.  (1) Make a speech with slogans and buzz words; (2) Talk about the speech in social media formats; (3) Announce that more details will be revealed later … and later seems never to arrive.  Mr. Trump is obviously willing to discuss people, periodically willing to discuss events (although his commentary on the situation in Ukraine was patently shallow), but never quite manages to have a serious policy debate – one containing those IDEAS that drive a candidacy and a party. 

There are a matter of weeks left before the general election – and still Mr. Trump hasn’t demonstrated he has anything other than a small mind.

Nor has his party been of any assistance.  The GOP clings to the “e-mails” as though they were indicative of some major issue – or related to Secretary Clinton’s veracity – they weren’t, they aren’t, and they are nothing more than the product of the Radical Right Wing Outrage Machine.  The manufactured “scandal” is propped up solely for the purpose of attacking the Secretary personally.

Their health care plans are re-heated Health Savings Accounts left over from campaigns past. Their economic plans and tax reform proposals are a repetition of the failed policy, old fashioned Trickle Down theories.  Their foreign policy pronouncements are stolid sloganeering in the face of asymmetrical and nuanced threats and issues.  Their trade policy defies the logic of their own economic core.  They slavishly recite the NRA talking points on gun violence in America.  It seems when one can’t address ideas, or present new ones for consideration, then the only thing left is the personal attack.  The small minds will continue to discuss people.

Americans deserve better.

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