Work With Him? Why? It doesn’t seem to pay.

Let’s guess it won’t be too long before some pundit expounds on the necessity of the Democrats to “work with the (Trumpster Fire) Administration” because not to do so will be to risk retribution in the off year elections.  To which I will call… the southbound product of a northbound male bovine.  Why?

A man who doesn’t pay his bills isn’t likely to be a good negotiating partner. No matter what the closing price may be, he’ll probably try to get out of it. Proof, you ask? Try the June 9, 2016 edition of USA Today.  “Trump Doesn’t Pay His Bills.”  Need more?  On the same day, the Wall Street Journal ran essentially the same information, and if suppliers and vendors couldn’t get paid why should anyone think he’ll keep to his bargains now?  CNN highlighted small business owners who got the Trumpster Treatment.  The Atlantic magazine described the Trumpster’s many ways to avoid laws, contracts, and ethics.   And, then there were the “Freedom Girls,” the young dancers who didn’t get paid.  Any questions about why the Trumpster can’t get talent to perform at his Investiture?  Performers are business people, they depend on getting paid, and this man doesn’t exactly have a track record of paying much of anyone – including an 82 year old immigrant for services rendered.

A man who doesn’t stand for anything won’t be a reliable partner in any deal.  He hates the Electoral College?  He did in 2012.  Now he loves it.   In 1999 he was very Pro Choice.  Now he says he’s Pro Life aka anti-abortion. He’d have us believe that he manufactured his products overseas because the “system made him do it.”  Really?  It’s not like there aren’t perfectly profitable clothing manufacturers in the US.  He’s anti-immigration – but, wait, he needs foreign workers for his winery.  For that matter, he has a decades long record of hiring foreign workers.  Thus, for anyone sitting across the table from him the message is reasonably clear – whatever he says he believes today may not be what he purports to believe tomorrow.

A man who lies doesn’t care what he negotiates because there’s no way to hold him to his end of the bargain.   Remember when he said he didn’t settle cases? And then there was the settlement in the Trump University fraud case.   Oh, how he saved jobs in Indiana – but wait, more jobs left the state than stayed, and those that were left weren’t guaranteed.  Then there’s the matter of conflicts of interest with his businesses – he doesn’t have any conflicts? Wrong? Handing them over to his children will satisfy the law? Wrong again.   If you believe he is going to cut the carried interest tax loophole with an Administration full of Goldman Sachs and hedge fund managers – I have some used cars I’d like to unload on you.

A man who hides his side of the negotiations while demanding his opponents operate in complete transparency isn’t reliable.  Where are those tax returns?  What do they show about conflicts of interest? Potential involvement with financial institutions he’s tasked with regulating while they hold his paper?  Involvement with foreign countries who may have “something on him.”

It isn’t simply a matter of Doing to the GOP what they did to President Obama for 8 years…stall, delay, deny, and obfuscate… Democrats have no evidence that this incoming administration will deal honestly, forthrightly, and with any form of stability.  Until they do, there’s no rational person on the planet who should ever believe anything coming from the Trumpster White House.

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