Questions for Black Friday

Question One – When might we expect to see Representative Mark Amodei  (R-NV2) hold a town hall meeting to explain to the 22,500 constituents who have health insurance via the Affordable Care Act in his district why repealing the ACA is such a great idea?

Question Two – If the Trumpster Administration shuts down the multi-agency investigation of contacts and ties to the Putin regime, will the beltway media slink off quietly into the night, or will the press pursue the story?

Question Three: Will we have to subscribe to foreign newspapers to find out the results of investigations into collusion between the Trumpster and the Russians?

Question Four – How quickly will Trumpster cabinet members find out that running a government department dealing with real issues affecting real people isn’t fun when reality clashes with their ideological fantasies?

Question Five – Will the Democratic Party get started today planning for the 2018 mid term elections?

Question Six – Can the Democrats stop applying Purity Tests to each other long enough to effectively coordinate efforts to win in those mid term elections?

Question Seven – What are the implications of the fact that the Trumpster’s approval is at 35%, remembering that George Bush’s approval after Katrina was 43.7%?

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