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A few notes:

The inclusion of a person’s name on multiple voting roles is NOT evidence of actual voting fraud. Obviously in a mobile population there will be people who don’t call voting registrars to cancel previous registrations.  Do not allow Republicans to conflate registration with fraud. We need to demand proof of voter impersonation fraud which, of course, they don’t have.

Remember to say “thank you.” While calling Republican congressional representatives add a moment to call Democrats in Congress who supported Rep. John Lewis, or voted against some of the Trumpster’s cabinet picks, or have voiced disapproval of plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and thank them for doing so.

Those phone numbers again:

Heller – 202-224-6244

Cortez Masto-  202-224-3542

Amodei-  202-225-6155 (NV 2)

Stand with Standing Rock. You might consider making one call to say: I stand with Standing Rock, and oppose the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Stand by your woman. Leave a message saying you oppose efforts to cut funding to Planned Parenthood women’s health clinics.

** Just a little while longer before DB is fully back on line.  Reliance on this clunky little tablet is testing my patience to the maximum.  Thanks yet again for your patience.

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