GOP on Steroids

Here we go. The first challenge to the administration’s nasty little deluge of executive orders has been initially successful and we’ll get to see how the formidable Department of Injustice will try to argue that the Muslim ban isn’t capricious and arbitrary and a denial of the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion, not to mention the separation of church and state.

The incumbent appears unsure of what executive orders actually are. What they are not are glorified press releases for the purpose of publicizing the completion of campaign promises.  They require discussion, review, legal opinions, and adult consideration — qualities usually lacking when they’re being drafted, printed, and signed for the purpose of propaganda not policy.

This barrage of orders does set the stage for an administration of classic incompetence, and one that will cling to the old Republican themes of yester-year:

  • Activist judges will overturn the will of the people.  Conveniently forgetting that judicial activism was responsible for the decision in Citizens United.
  • Election integrity, which is shorthand for vote suppression.
  • Tax cuts cure everything.  Too bad this doesn’t include cancer, the impact of automation, and male pattern baldness.
  • Freedom good, regulations bad. Including, one presumes those protecting drinking water, requiring food sanitation, and preventing banks and financial institutions from ripping off their customers.

To those who argue that this isn’t the Grand Old Party of blessed memory, I’d assert that, indeed, it is. It’s the old GOP on steroids.

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