Quick History Lesson: The Voyage of the St Louis

It seems appropriate right now to present a very brief history lesson.  The US Holocaust Memorial Museum has a succinct review of the voyage of the St Louis. Please take a moment to follow the link to refresh the memory of the consequences of ill-advised discriminatory policies.

Make no mistake, all administration Gaslighting to the contrary, the executive order is a Muslim ban. The order only affects immigrants from predominantly Muslim nations. The president admitted during a broadcast interview that Christians would be given preferential treatment. In the words of the old saw, it looks like a duck, waddled like a duck, quacks like a duck…

Supporters of the ban interviewed by the BBC repeated their fears of living in perilous times, and repeated the talking point that the president was trying to “keep us safe,” all evidence to the contrary.

We cannot be the land of the free unless we are the home of the brave.

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