We must not defend the indefensible

44 years ago President Richard Nixon indulged in the Watergate era Saturday Night Massacre. What the current president has done firing Deputy AG Sally Yates isn’t exactly analogous but it’s too close for comfort.

Cabinet officers take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, not an oath swearing fealty to a Dear Leader.  There’s no reason a president should appoint people with whom there’s a fundamental difference of opinion, but sometimes there’s a reason to have someone acting as a hand brake on proposals which are indefensible.

We can tell when something is indefensible when the White House Press secretary is reduced to arguing that a five year old boy must be detained for extreme vetting, because you just never know who might be a terrorist…

We may also wonder what questions a person should ask a five year old to determine their political orientation?

A BBC  news broadcast interviewed several supporters of the Muslim ban, and to a person they professed to believe the ban necessary to make us safe. One woman opined that she understood not all Muslims are terrorists, but she wanted to feel safe at her shopping center.

Apparently she doesn’t comprehend the idea that waltzing along to the themes adopted by real Islamic radicals, and thereby handing them a trove of propaganda material, makes us less safe. Not that intelligence and military experts have been pressing this point repeatedly.

I’d place part of the blame for the lady’s insecurity at the feet of sensationalist broadcasts which are quick to call Terrorist for any assault done by Muslims, but to categorize white nationalist perpetrators as lone wolf demented souls suffering from mental illnesses.  They are domestic homegrown terrorists, and the sooner we acknowledge them as such the better.  Fox News efforts to call the white nationalist Canadian killer a Morrocan to the contrary.

Again, we cannot be the land of the free until we become home of the brave.



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