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Sean “Baghdad Bob” is on my TV screen telling me Gorsuch is supremely well qualified to be a Supreme.  Whoa, the Hobby Lobby man? Corporations are people? There are some serious questions surrounding this nominee. And, then there’s the Stolen Seat issue to resolve.  Indeed, his nomination should receive the same consideration as Merrick Garland.  Exactly the same.

Here’s a thought for #45:  It’s usually a good idea to measure one’s words while engaged in diplomatic relations lest people have to scramble thereafter with the diplomatic equivalent of paper toweling to clean up the mess.  #Australia #Mexico

Senator Dean Heller says he will vote in favor of the confirmation of Billionaire Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.  #sad because her whole school choice crusade doesn’t address the issues for rural Nevada children for whom there is a necessity to support the only schools in place — the public ones.

About that attack in Yemen. The rationale from the White House podium continues to be kill them there before they kill us here, a highly generalized statement which almost precludes criticism.  However, each raid that results in significant civilian losses adds fodder to the propaganda efforts of our enemies. Think First?

We repudiate the Iran deal? Then the Iranians go back to enriching uranium at their pleasure, without restraint. Why should they not? This is fraught with implications for world security, none of which seem positive.

And yes, Frederick Douglass is still dead.



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