Feeling safer after the Bowling Green Massacre?

Somehow I just don’t feel safer. The Trumpster hath decreed that we’re now going to shift our focus from violent extremists in general and zero in on radical Islamic fringe groups. No more poking into the heinous affairs of those wonderful people who radicalized Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Dylan Roof, and Russell Courtier. Fact is, not an alternative fact, that during the 14 years after the 9/11 attacks more Americans were killed by white domestic terrorists than by Islamic radicals.  If we needed an example of the importance of white supremacist Steve Bannon in the administration now we have one in neon lights.

And then there’s this: Administration officials are saying there will be an executive order rolling back rules established under the Dodd Frank Act. By the lights of the administration this will give us ‘wonderful new products’ without those pesky regulations.  As a resident of a state that got royally steamrolled by those frisky bankers before the enacting of the Dodd Frank Act I have to say I don’t feel the least bit safer.

Perhaps I should feel better knowing that at least I wasn’t a victim of the Bowling Green Massacre?

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