Another Day Another List of Reasons to Resist

There was a ton of news to process today, and very little of it can be classified as good.  Who wants to have confirmed what 17 intelligence agencies reported … that the Trumpster campaign was in collusion with the Russians, and that General Flynn was up to his ears in it?  The news is difficult to swallow– a former flag officer of the United States military, conspired with a foreign government to undercut the official policy of the United States government, for the benefit of a political  campaign.  And, not just any foreign government, the corrupt authoritarian government of Vladimir Putin.

Then the poll results were released showing that 51% of Trump voters believe that the Muslim ban was justified because of the completely fictional Bowling Green Massacre.  There is hope for low information voters, but voters who believe there were massacres in Bowling Green and Atlanta are impossible.  Underreported terrors? We’ve had them but they must be the wrong color?  For example, the Georgia white supremacist recently arrested for possession of ricin. Or, the thugs who planned to bomb an apartment complex in Kansas? Or, the thug who wanted to massacre Muslims in upstate New York? Or, the three white supremacists who stockpiled weapons to attack African Americans and Jews?

Or, the … oh wait, under the direction of lily white Attorney General Jefferson (Davis) (Pierre Gustav Toutant) Beauregard Sessions white nationalist and white supremacist gangs will no longer be a priority for federal investigation.  I’m still living too close to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to be comfortable with that. There weren’t any Islamist militants involved in the murder of two Las Vegas police officers. Meanwhile,  there’s a mosque burned to the ground in Victoria, Texas.

And, as to the attack on the Canadian mosque, the administration offered its condolences in a single press briefing …and not a word since.

There wasn’t much to absorb from the three executive orders issued by Dear Leader, the generalities were sufficiently chilling.  Assaults on police officers will be dealt with severely.  What does this mean? Are we cracking down on those who might assault the ears of the police with bull horns? Megaphones? Hurt their eyes with signage? Insult their feelings? If anyone has any questions about the target of this fiat let’s be clear, it’s about Black Lives Matter.  Not to put too fine a point to it, but if Black Lives don’t matter no one else’s does either.

The administration wasn’t about to miss any of its favorite targets today. ICE raids focused on “target rich environments” like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  There must be some special place in the Underworld reserved for the managers who thought it a wonderful idea to detain parents who were picking up their children from school.  I’d like to discover these reports were inaccurate, but it’s all too likely they will be confirmed.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling’s latest great idea is to unleash the banksters by gutting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, something  that should send ice down the spines of all the customers ripped off by Wells Fargo.  Tomorrow they’ll have another way to protect the banksters who decimated the Nevada economy in 2008 from those pesky consumers who don’t want to be fleeced.

So, speaking of target rich environments, there are all manner of places where it would be appropriate to put feet in the streets.  This administration seems intent on creating them by the hour.

Keep those phones ringing, post cards and letters piling up, and #resist and #persist.

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