Profound Cruelty and Indiscriminate Enforcement

If the President meant what he said, “The crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise,” the president wrote. “Gang members, drug dealers & others are being removed!” that is one thing, and few would be opposed to the practices. It’s the “and others” portion that is causing problems.

How does one explain entrapping a 50 year old undocumented house painter in an ICE raid?  Hardly one of those ‘bad hombres’ of Republican terrors.  Or, “one hardworking father, heading to work at 5:30 in the morning was approached by two plainclothes officers asking for his ID and they showed him a few pictures of people they were looking for. Once he gave him his ID, they identified themselves as ICE, he was detained and arrested.” [BBB]

And now this, the administration would deport the father of a young woman who gave her life in the service of this country; she gave her life in Kuwait as a member of the National Guard in 2007. Not that Gold Star Families have gotten much respect from the President lately.  But wait, there’s more:

“This week, this administration rescinded the Parole in Place program, harming thousands of military families across the country. This is another example of the careless excess of the administration’s immigration policy.” [NYT]

Yes, family members of our military personnel, who are not documented, can be rounded up and deported.  Those people to whom the Republicans are always saying “Thank you for your service…” now face the prospect that members of their own families can be caught up in an ICE raid and deported. This doesn’t sound like a morale builder, and if memory serves Republicans have been particularly interested in preserving morale.

All the while the President pugnaciously tells us this enforcement is for our own good – to keep us safe – from the people who are specifically tasked with keeping us safe?

All this for the benefit of the crowds who chanted Build The Wall, all this for the benefit of looking like his administration has a rational plan for dealing with complex immigration issues. 

Time was when executive orders and departmental guidelines were strictly reviewed to present guidance as free from complications and litigation as possible, but with this administration the pattern appears to be shoot first and try to answer all the questions later.

And there will be questions, and there will be litigation, and there will be pain created by profound cruelty and indiscriminate enforcement.

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