Nevada Numbers

Active Voters:  (Secretary of State)  May 2017 —

  • Democratic                580,936
  • Republican                488,971
  • Non Partisan             309,645
  • Indep. American        63,301
  • Libertarian                  13,900
  • Other                             17,342

Number of Nevadans residing in Certified Nursing Facilities (2015)  4,848 [KFF]

Number of Nevadans in Certified Nursing Facilities on Medicaid: 60%;  or 2,090 [KFF]

Uncompensated Care in Nevada Hospitals: (SFY = State Fiscal Year

SFY 2016: $455,780,601  SFY 2017: $347,341,927  a decrease of 23.79%  [DHC dl]

It would seem that 580,936 Nevadans want to preserve care for 60% of our certified nursing facility residents, and help keep the level of uncompensated care in our hospitals lower than in pre-ACA days.

Imagine 580,936 Nevadans making just one phone call or sending one post card to Senator Dean Heller asking that he vote against the Senate version of the tax cut/Medicaid slash bill.

Senator Heller’s numbers are:

Las Vegas Office:  702-388-6605;  8930 West Sunset Road, Suite 230, Las Vegas, NV 89148

Reno Office:  775-686-5770;  400 South Virginia Street, Suite 738, Reno, NV 89501

DC Office:  202-224-6244;  324 Hart Office Building, Washington, DC 20510

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