A Taste: Nevada Gubernatorial Race Money and Laxalt’s Views

The Nevada Independent has published some very useful information about the Nevada gubernatorial race — the money.  Please follow this link to find what they’ve discovered.  From the Department of Absolutely No Surprises we are informed radical right wing GOP candidate Adam Laxalt has received the largess of The Adelsons.  Laxalt’s a fine old Basque name in northern Nevada, and one which attracted votes from many who were inclined to disbelieve the coverage of his radical views during his last race.  The information concerning his family’s lack of support for him was met with the rejoinder that the opposition was “mean.”   A few samples of punch lines from the punditry:

Politico: Sandoval is leaving the Nevada governor’s mansion as one of the most popular governors in the country, and the Republican front-runner to replace him is state Attorney General Adam Laxalt. But Laxalt, a rising star in national Republican circles who has clashed with Sandoval in the past, still faces a tough road ahead in 2018. Nevada has been getting more Democratic, and operatives from both parties say the state Democratic Party is one of the most organized in the country. They are hoping to ride momentum from electing a Democratic senator and carrying the state for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Either Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak or Vice Chair Chris Giunchigliani could prove formidable in the general election after a 2018 primary.

Washington Post (on the marijuana policy): Laxalt, the Nevada attorney general and a Republican candidate for governor, noted that while he opposed the ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana, “I also pledged to defend the measure were it approved by the voters.” He highlighted his defense of legal pot in two lawsuits. “My office has expeditiously facilitated the implementation of the law in the face of considerable uncertainty about the status of federal enforcement activity,” he said. (emphasis in the original)

Sierra Sun (on Laxalt’s immigration views) : Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt joined an 11-state coalition of attorneys general on Friday in filing a friend-of-the-court brief in the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit – a federal appeals court that has jurisdiction over Nevada. The brief urges the court to reverse a U.S. District Court judge’s order preventing the implementation of the federal government’s executive order pertaining to sanctuary cities. The case is an opportunity to remedy the threat California’s “sanctuary cities” pose to Nevada safety, Laxalt’s office stated.

This requires more analysis, in another post.

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