Robert Jackson: Links and Speeches

It’s nice when cable TV actually IS informative, as when DAG Rosenstein put his knowledge of Robert Jackson on full display.  There’s an entire archive of Jackson’s speeches at the Robert H. Jackson Center.  The speech many people are looking for at present  is the 1940 address concerning “the Federal Prosecutor.”

The Federal Prosecutor was one of Jackson’s most significant speeches made as the 57th United States Attorney General. Delivered during the Second Annual Conference of the United States Attorneys, the speech outlined the duties and role of the federal prosecutor and more importantly laid out Jackson’s vision for their ethical and proper conduct. []

The full text of the speech is located HERE.  (There is also a PDF transcript version)

The Department of Justice also maintains links to Jackson’s more important speeches listed by date and event, though not by title.  There is much to learn and discern from Justice Jackson’s writings and speeches, and the Federal Prosecutor is as good a place to start as any.

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