Not that nuts? Think again please.

A “top DC trade lawyer” thinks the current occupant of the White House is “nuts,” but not “that nuts.”  Excuse me.  This is an executive who blew up a DACA deal including US funding (not Mexican) for his idiotic wall.  Who withdrew from the Paris Climate Accords — accords which were tailored to meet US demands after Kyoto. Who withdrew from a satisfactory deal with Iran and other European nations on nuclear development because he thought this made his look “stronger.”  Who withdrew the US from the UN Human Rights Council just as he was violating the human rights of asylum seekers.  Who has disparaged NATO and the European Union while Russia occupies Crimea and portions of Eastern Ukraine…  and now the fool wants to withdraw from the World Trade Organization.   Yes, he’s nuts, he’s just that nuts.

This, while Orange Foolious is derailing the NAFTA talks. When the Scottsbluff Star Herald leaps into the fray we have to know this isn’t one of those Inside Wall Street stories.

Time is running out on a renegotiation of the North America Free Trade Agreement. House Speaker Paul Ryan says there’s little time left for Congress to receive a revamped agreement and meet all the timeline requirements under federal law. Meanwhile, Mexico holds its presidential election on July 1, and a leftist candidate unlikely to strike a quick NAFTA deal is expected to win.

Plus, the Trump administration recently undermined the NAFTA talks by slapping hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum exports from Canada and Mexico, spurring the two countries to impose retaliatory tariffs on selected U.S. goods.

and now the fool wants to withdraw from the World Trade Organization.  From Axios He’s [threatened to withdraw] 100 times. It would totally [screw] us as a country,” said a source who’s discussed the subject with Trump. The source added that Trump has frequently told advisers, “We always get fucked by them [the WTO]. I don’t know why we’re in it. The WTO is designed by the rest of the world to screw the United States.”  No, Orange Foolious —  the WTO was not designed by the rest of the world — it was designed by the United States of America.  It was designed to improve on the old GATT system. Message from the Real World:

The “Economic Report of the President” for 2018, which bears Trump’s signature on Page 11, states: “[T]he United States has won 85.7 percent of the cases it has initiated before the WTO since 1995, compared with a global average of 84.4 percent. In contrast, China’s success rate is just 66.7 percent.”

However, the Orange One doesn’t do messages from the real world, just the reality show in his fevered head.  In his reality show version the world is out to get him, and by extension the United States.  Every deal could have been better if he’d made it — just ask the North Koreans who are now happily upgrading their nuclear facility.  He tells Macron to get out of the EU and the US will “cut him a better deal.”  Clearer heads reported the French felt the Orange One had a “basic lack of understanding of Macron’s views.” [Guardian]  This seems a much more diplomatic way of stating the US president is a complete economic moron. “Manque de compréhension” is ever so much nicer than “il est un crétin.”

So, not that nuts?  Think again.  A man who pulls the US out of basic trade and defense agreements, who puts babies in cages without a plan to reunite them with their parents, and who can walk silently away from reporters’ questions about reporters being killed in their newspaper office … yes He’s THAT nuts.

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  1. What is Desert Beacon’s take on the news that Justice Kennedy’s son is a Deutchebank employee who supervised a billion dollars in loans to Trump?