Lord knows this blog had much to say about Senator John McCain during the 2008 election season — not the least of which was his position on the leader board for the Sunday Deck Bass Award, a highly dubious honor for those whose positions tended to “evolve” during the campaign.  That said.  No one on this planet should ever disparage Senator McCain’s service to his country, and his devotion to public service.

This is no time to be petty.  No time to recall grievances,  and no time to indulge in partisan hackery.   The man did his best as he saw it.  He wasn’t perfect. He made mistakes.  He made some big ones.  He also had the intelligence and honor to admit when he made them.  That’s called Character.

We admire Character.  And, for all his ideological positions with which I was in the range from annoyed to howling, and for all his excursions into partisanship which left me in the same spectrum… it was impossible not to admire the man.

And so, RIP Senator.  Thank you for your Service, as a young man in the Navy, to an old man in the Senate. Thank you, it’s appreciated.

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