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Let’s Review and Make Some Conjectures

Senator McConnell couldn’t have made himself more clear to the Republican leadership — let’s please have less drama from the White House so we can get along with our agenda.  Less tactfully phrased, McConnell and his myrmidons such as Representative Mark Amodei (NV2) and Senator Heller (R-NV) isn’t going to do anything about the dolt in the Oval Office until after they get what they want.  They want two things: (1) to return the control of the health insurance market back to the insurance companies; and (2) to dismantle the financial and consumer protections enacted in the Dodd Frank Act, and the Sarbanes Oxley Act.  Not sure about this, then please consider the current push for the Choice Act:

“At a time when too many hard-working American families are still recovering from the devastating impact of the 2008 financial crash, deregulating Wall Street’s biggest firms again makes no sense. Yet the Financial CHOICE Act threatens to do exactly that.

It would allow the biggest Wall Street banks to opt-out of significant financial protection rules, while those banks that remain in the regulatory system would be blessed with watered down versions of once-tough protections, like living wills and stress tests. Perhaps most worryingly, the CHOICE Act would cripple two of the most important post-crash reforms: the Financial Stability and Oversight Council (FSOC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).” [the Hill]

Review: The CFPB was the agency which brought to light, and then levied fines against Wells Fargo for egregious violations of their customers’ privacy and financial interests.  Little wonder the banks aren’t happy with those “bureaucrats.” Less wonder why the Republicans aren’t going to do anything about the President who had to fire his National Security Adviser — until the Choice Act is safely delivered to his desk.

We should also recall that the Republican version of the healthcare reform act is much less about health insurance reform than it is about bestowing tax cuts for the wealthiest among us, to the tune of close to $765 billion over the next ten years.  We can easily conjecture that the GOP will do nothing about the man in the office who fired the US Attorney in the Southern District of New York, and then the emissary from the Department of Justice who warned him about the dangers presented by the presence of General Flynn.  At least nothing will be done, until the Republicans can cut Medicaid to the barest of bones:

His (Trump’s) promise would be violated by House GOP bill, as it seeks to freeze Medicaid expansion money for states in 2020 by withhold funding at the enhanced match rate for any new enrollees after that point. Other beneficiaries are at risk with the more long-term transformation that program stands to undergo under the GOP bill. The legislation would overhaul the program—now an unlimited federal match rate—into a per capita cap system, meaning that states would get a fixed amount of funding per enrollee. The Congressional Budget Office, analyzing an initial version of the legislation, predicted out of the 24 million Americans who would lose coverage under the earlier GOP bill compared to current law, 14 million were due to its changes to Medicaid. [TPM]

Given there is no CBO scoring on the current edition, we can’t be certain that States like Nevada which expanded Medicaid enrollment in order to make health care access affordable, won’t be left in the lurch — Congressman Amodei’s tortured logic to the contrary.  So, nothing is likely to be done about the executive who fired the Director of the FBI who was supervising the investigation of Russian meddling in our elections (and possible Trump connections to that meddling) until Medicaid cuts are also tucked into the President’s portfolio for a signing ceremony.

When will Republicans address the Leaker-in-Chief’s discussions with the Russian visitors to the White House?  Probably not until the budget cuts to the Department of the Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency, Medicare, Health and Human Services, and the Department of Education come to fruition.  Do we have a situation in which the following is true?  If the Trumpian honeymoon isn’t over, it soon will be.

That sentiment was echoed by a prominent GOP consultant I spoke to who asked not to be named to offer a candid assessment of Trump and congressional Republicans.
“The question for Republicans is whether this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back,” said the source. “Forty percent approval is not the issue; an erratic, rudderless, leaderless White House is.” [CNN]

The camel’s back may not bend until the Republicans have seen their agenda realized, their Randian Dreams made true, and their Austerity Government imposed on the American people.   The damage of this administration and the Republicans in Congress who enable and excuse him is only starting to come to fruition.


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>Comey undercuts ‘Fredo,’ Berkley calls for Bogden’s reinstatement

>Leave it to the botched management and political gamesmanship of Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales to have Nevada’s sole Democratic member of Congress, Shelley Berkley (D-NV1) calling for the reinstatement of Bush appointee Daniel Bogden to his U.S. attorney post? [LV Sun] As the story gathers steam, and branches off into the explication of a grand plan for vote suppression and warrantless domestic spying, it might be time to attempt some categorization of the copious testimony and analysis.

The testimony (Transcript Think Progress ) of former Justice Department Deputy AG James Comey opened up the proverbial can of worms (some perhaps not previously identified). Rather than trying to summarize all the commentary and analysis, here’s a categorization of links:

The President was directly involved in the attempt to sidestep the Justice Department to get approval for his warrantless domestic spying program:

“Comey’s Testimony raises new and vital questions about the NSA scandal” Glenn Greenwald Salon

“It’s the Program, Stupid” TPM Muckraker

“What was the President’s role?” Balkinization (This article undercuts the media reporting that the President “solved the problem,” when in fact he helped create it and ultimately had no choice but to agree with the DoJ assessment.)

“Panel told of a sickbed face off” Los Angeles Times Reports that the DoJ initially supported the warrantless wiretapping but backed off after office of legal counsel J.L. Goldsmith raised concerns about violations of the law.

“Bush personally intervened to arrange Ashcroft hospital visit” Think Progress

“Comey Details White House Attempt to Force Approval of Secret Program” TPM Muckraker

“Comey Breaks Silence” Think Progress

“Justice Deputy Resisted Parts of Spy Program” New York Times

Testimony suggests more spying programs may exist:

“Comey’s revelations” Think Progress

“CQ transcription: US Senate Judiciary Committee” Washington Post

“Spying on the Home Front” PBS Frontline

Comey’s testimony undermines the veracity of AG Gonzales’ previous statements:

“Straight Arrow: James Comey takes aim at Alberto Gonzales” Slate

“Comey Takes the Oath” Harpers Magazine

“Alberto Gonzales Digs Himself a Deeper Hole” The New Republic

“Karl Rove’s Coaching Session” Washington Post
Nevada Legislative news at Blue Sage Views

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