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Friday Didjah Know?

Didja Hear Maybe “I Regret” wasn’t enough?MGM Resorts CEO Jim Murren announced on Monday that, despite being a lifelong Republican, he is backing Democrat Hillary Clinton for president. Murren has never publicly endorsed a candidate before but said that he felt he needed to lend his voice to “some of the bigger issues” this election cycle after an “accumulation of vitriol” from Trump.” Full article at the Las Vegas Sun.

Those Naked Truth Statues are products of a Las Vegas artist.  Well done sir! And, a hand clap to the now famous line from the NYC Parks Department: “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small,” parks spokesman Sam Biederman joked.”

The Nevada Board of Examiners has approved another $125,000 to an outside law firm (Bancroft Associates – Paul Clement) to defend the public school fund gutting voucher education program. The firm has already gotten $420,000 from Nevada and the recent increase will mean a $545,000 total payout. [LVSun]  This would be the same Paul Clement whose firm has been tapped by North Carolina Republican leadership to appeal the NC Voter ID law targeting African Americans.

Former solicitor general during the Bush administration, and current professor at Georgetown Law School, Clement has spent much of the Obama administration working with conservatives on several prominent Supreme Court cases, including arguing in favor of overturning the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), fighting to preserve the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and helping Arizona defend its controversial immigration law. Clement won the Hobby Lobby case at the Supreme Court for religious conservatives. [TNCRM]

The Smoking Gun Memo from North Carolina Republicans isn’t going to make Clement’s task any easier.

Yes, Donald Trump is now running adsa new Dog Whistle to the Far Right. Did we expect anything else?  Thus much for the pivot, unless by “pivot” means a 360 degree turn. By the way, the ad offers up an Old Hoary GOP line about undocumented immigrants soaking up Social Security Benefits – they don’t. This talking point has been floating around since at least the 2006 mid term elections.  Ten years of the same lie is enough! [factcheck]

An Hispanic couple’s truck was vandalized in northwest Reno (can you guess what happened?) “A Hispanic couple’s truck was vandalized Wednesday night in Northwest Reno with graffiti including Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s name, in what one of the victims said was a hate crime.”

“Esmeralda Estrada, 31, of Reno, said the truck, which is only about two months old, was fine when she and her husband went to sleep around 10 p.m. Wednesday. When they woke up Thursday, it was keyed several times, including the word “Trump” scratched into the side. The tailgate was also spray-painted with “VOTE TRUMP.” [RGJ]

The Estrada’s are the only Hispanic couple in the neighborhood.

Trump and Entourage arrived in Baton Rouge, LA and was met by GOP office holders. They met with volunteers at a church which had been cooking meals for displaced persons.  [AP] The GOP has slammed the President for not appearing, however “Louisiana’s Democratic governor defended the administration’s response Thursday, saying he has spoken daily with the White House and would prefer Obama hold off on visiting because such stops pull local police and first responders into providing security.” [AP]  Nothing like barging in?

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>Guest Post: Reflections on the John Edwards Rally in Reno


Guest Post from Dee Holzel, Winnemucca, NV

Some Reflections from the John Edwards Rally Last Sunday

Health Care – In all the talk about reforming health care, there’s one subject almost nobody talks about: the high cost of dental care. My personal experience at the dentist’s office includes estimates for work that will cost as much as a new car (for the dentist — because we certainly can’t have one with what this guy is charging). These estimates are for thousand and thousands of dollars, and the dentist will recite these figures without the merest blush of shame.

Although John Edwards received multiple standing ovations, one aspect of his health care plan did not receive the wild applause it deserved: the inclusion of vision and dental care. Dental care is an important part of a person’s overall health; yet, it’s so outrageously expensive that working people can no longer afford it. So they just go without. No American should have to live with the kind of pain that comes from not being able to afford the cure.

Invertebrates Perhaps the comment that received the most applause was when John Edwards told the crowd it was time for the Democratic Party to get a backbone.

Now, I’m not entirely sure “jellyfish” is the appropriate description for the Democrats. I think I might have to disagree a little bit with the Senator on this one. I think they’re more like opossums – pretending to be dead whenever threatened. Sure, it keeps you alive, but it’s no way to run the country. One thing we can all agree on is the frustration of rank-and-file Democrats with their elected leadership (and I use that word loosely).

An uninsured Congress – One of my favorite moments at the rally came when John Edwards promised when he’s president Americans will get health-care reform before July of 2009 – or he will do everything in his power to take away the insurance of the US Congress members. It was, without question, my favorite part of the speech.

It brought to mind the recent SCHIP debate wherein a number of Congressmen voted against funding insurance for the children of the working poor. One such person was Congressman Dean Heller who expressed his concern that funding such a program might lead to socialized medicine – only he said it like that would be a bad thing. Yet, the entire time Congressman Heller was working against SCHIP, he was insured through the generosity of the American taxpayers. Had he tripped, fallen, and bumped his head on the way to vote against the bill, you and I would have paid to have him stitched up (my thanks to an alert editor who noted if Dean Heller had hit his head, he wouldn’t have damaged anything he regularly uses).

Now, various people have pooh-poohed the plan to take insurance away from Congress people, and they have even gone so far as to insinuate the president doesn’t have that kind of power. I don’t know if this is true or not. As an English major I didn’t spend a lot of time reading Constitutional Law, which is considered too boring for English majors – and we’re experts on what’s boring (reference: everything written by Faulkner. And Joyce). So the president may or may not have that authority. I don’t care. I just want to be there when President Edwards makes this announcement to Congress. I want to see the look on Congressman Heller’s face when he’s presented with a plan that will take away his health insurance. I am especially interested in the arguments the good Congressman will counter with. I doubt they have anything to do with his fear of socialized medicine.

Speak of the devil and his minions appear: Yes, the media was at Sunday’s event. However, having read the news stories that appeared afterwards, I’m not sure they were at the same event. The news stories appeared, in my mind, to be negative.

I thought John’s speech was inspirational and I was actually thinking as I left the event, “I’ve got to work a little harder to get this man elected.” But that doesn’t make for a very compelling headline. My advice to those who are still undecided: attend those events where the candidate is actually speaking whenever you can. Or, in the alternative, watch those programs that show the candidate uninterrupted with the editorialized comments of others. You will, without question, be a more informed voter.

In closing I want to thank Desert Beacon, and bloggers everywhere, for promoting Free Speech in ways the Founding Fathers never envisioned. (You’re very welcome – DB)


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>Nevada News Roundup: Clinton 3000, McCain 300

>The list of Nevada legislative hearings and other items ran a little long to put the Nevada news roundup on the Blue Sage Views blog, so I’m letting the “Nevada Headlines” feature slosh over on to DB:

“Hispanics poised for big role in ’08 election” Las Vegas Review Journal

“Journalists hear criticism of crime reporting” Las Vegas Review Journal

“Budget hinges on revenue report” Las Vegas Review Journal

“Erin Neff: If legislation says ‘oink, oink’ it’s still alive in Carson City” Las Vegas Review Journal

“Coolican: Nevada a Scam Haven” Las Vegas Sun

“Anti-war protesters call for impeachment of Bush, Cheney” Nevada Appeal

“Clinton doubts Bush will pull troops from Iraq” (speech at Hug High School, Reno) Nevada Appeal “Clinton draws more than 3,000 in Reno” Reno Gazette Journal “McCain criticizes Bush on Iraq war in northeastern Nevada” Nevada Appeal “McCain in Elko: We cannot surrender in Iraq” Elko Daily Free Press (video clips linked) “Party faithful appreciate McCain’s service” Elko Daily Free Press “McCain supports mining, grazing” Elko Daily Free Press “Edwards touts his strength in West during campaign stop in Nevada” Nevada Appeal

“Lawmakers push for funding to help uninsured children” Reno Gazette Journal

“Property tax hike would pay for new juvenile detention facility” Lahontan Valley News

“School trustees delay vote on gifted, talented education” Lahontan Valley News

“Brian Greenspun compares a forward thinking governor with one obviously behind the times” Las Vegas Sun

“Jon Ralston sees Gov. Jim Gibbons’ lips moving but feels it’s Adelson talking” Las Vegas Sun

“IVGID may assess $200K for beach legal fund” NLT Bonanza

“CalNeva wins TRPA approval” NLT Bonanza

“Growth cap debate Thursday” Record Courier

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