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Random Thoughts and Recommendations

Assault RifleMy right wing gunner friends can recite the 2nd Amendment in their sleep, but have a great deal more difficulty remembering the provisions of Article I, Section 8 wherein we find the power of Congress: “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel invasions.”   Thus much for the neo-Confederate fantasy in which John Doe seizes his assault rifle and sallies forth to fight for “our” freedom from a “tyrannical government” — that “well regulated militia” is supposed to suppress your insurrection, not join it.  Besides, about how long do we think even the most ardent Enthusiast is going to last when facing down the very well armed professionals of the U.S. military?   Somebody’s been watching too many movies.

Question Time

If the charge is true (and it really isn’t) that Democrats want to cut the Defense budget and thus leave our nation less well protected — then why aren’t the gun cultists arguing with equal vehemence for more DoD spending cuts thereby making that “tyrannical government” easier to defeat?

If the rationale for not enacting any more restrictions on the ownership of military style weapons is that we tried banning assault rifles and people were still getting killed, then perhaps they’d like to de-criminalize bank robbery because we’ve outlawed the practice of bank hold ups yet they still occur?

If other things (knives, hammers, cars, bath tubs, swimming pools) also kill people then why not outlaw those too?  This is about as silly as it gets.  Last time I heard, assault weapons were designed to kill People.  Other things might be used to kill, but that is not the expressed intent of the manufacturer.

If all guns are really just alike, they all have a firing mechanism, etc. so we really can’t legislate for one type, then there is NO difference between a black powder musket (one shot at a time, range about 200 yards depending on the wind) and an AR-15 (with bump fire modifications allowing the user to fire about 100 rounds in 7 seconds)?   Yes, a bicycle and an automobile both have wheels, an energy source, steering mechanisms, and seats — just don’t try to convince me that a half ton Chevy Suburban LSFWD with 320 horsepower and 335 lb/ft torque is analogous to a Trek Remedy 7 mountain bike.   Consider for a moment which one you’d like to get hit by on the road?

If allowing the government to amass lists of registered gun owners could lead to the confiscation of firearms, then does allowing the government to compile lists of all real estate property owners mean that the government might have the power to confiscate the property — and must be resisted at all costs? We do allow governments to confiscate property (by eminent domain) but we require reasonable payment — it wouldn’t do to have me ask for $1,000,000,000 for my incredibly modest real estate holdings should they be needed for a highway right of way.

If the government should compile a database of all individuals who have been treated for mental illnesses, then is this not an invasion of privacy similar to the “invasion” recommended by those who want to compile lists of emotionally unstable people?

If we shouldn’t do anything because nothing will solve the entire problem of gun violence in America — then does this mean that because we’ve not yet been able to treat and cure all forms of cancer we should quit the field and accept the inevitable?  Or, should we do what we can with what we have for the people about whom we care?

(1) Nationwide comprehensive background checks.

(2) A waiting period before the finalization of the sale.

(3) Improvement in our health care insurance and delivery systems for the treatment of mental illnesses.

(4) A ban on military style assault weapons.

(5) More parental education concerning the desensitizing effects of violent video games.

It’s a start.



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