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Small Pleasures

Yep, I’m aging. I have some age related medical issues. I have some home repair items to which I should attend. I have several matters I pronounce to be “problems.” However, the news is making me feel ever so much better.

I am NOT Donald J. Trump.  My associates aren’t under federal, state, and local investigations.  I can look at my financial adviser/ accountant without wondering what he might have to divulge to the Feds, the State authorities, or to any municipal investigators.  [Weisselberg CNBC]  I can call my attorney without concern that he might be talking to anyone as part of his plea deal about my excruciatingly boring legal questions.  [Cohen CNN]  My friends and advisers aren’t looking at jail time, or even house arrest.  There’s no “Flynn,” no “Manafort,” no “Papadopoulos,” no raft of Russians, no contingent of political types, no associates of associates to people like Roger Stone, and no Butina-like figure lurking in the interstices of money, politics, and influence.  In short, my fairly simple, uncomplicated existence, boring though it may be at times, is not subject to any high wire act or atmosphere.  I can negotiate deals for automobile purchases and real estate without incurring questions from law enforcement.  Life’s easier that way.  I’m glad I’m not Donald J. Trump.

I am not Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY27).  My financial life is as mundane as my political one. I don’t need to sit on “boards,” or feel any desire to call my relatives to let them know the bottom is about to drop out of one of my Really Big Deals.  I certainly wouldn’t do it from the White House lawn (the closest I ever got was the White House Tour.)  No, I am fortunate enough to have some funds in savings, having over time moved money from investments into ‘safer’ forms, and no wild movement — I’m not a day trader, more like a decade-trader.  I realize this frustrates financial advisers, but so be it.  No one goes to jail and I like it that way.

I am not Rep. Duncan Hunter’s wife.  The headline says it all.  While Representative Hunter is being investigated for violating campaign finance laws, he’s “just totally tried to throw his wife under the bus.”   It’s truly difficult to imagine the state of the Hunters’ matrimonial affairs at this moment, and I wouldn’t even presume to attempt it.  I am really happy not to be Duncan Hunter’s wife.

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