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Nevada’s Most Super Sensitive GOP Staffer (with suggestions for alternative messages)

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And then there’s Mark Amodei (R-NV2)  whose staff was offended by a student dropping the F-word during a call to his office concerning gun control issues.  According to Amodei, the staffer called the young man’s high school without asking for retaliation or retribution. Amodei promptly ascribed the teen’s suspension to the school and took no responsibility for what happened — which SO sounds like the District 2 representative.

And here’s another Amodei-an excuse for the ages:

“Amodei defended his staffer and said no apology is necessary. The congressman said the situation was not a matter of shutting down the student’s First Amendment rights.

“I’m not apologizing because my guy accurately described what happened in the phone call,” he said.

Amodei said the student’s rudeness prompted Arturo Garzon, who serves as one of the Nevada Republican constituent services representatives, to call the school. Garzon managed to reach the principal by chance, he said.”

Just a few points to make here.  First, no one appears to be arguing about what the young man said.  No one is arguing about whether what our super sensitive staffer heard. No one is arguing that the super sensitive staffer didn’t relay this information.  However, no one should be buying the excuse being shopped by the Representative.  What we might want to ask is: If the person who dropped the F-bomb in the course of calling the Congressman’s office was a 45 year old man — would the super sensitive staffer have called the person’s place of employment?  If the constituent caller was a 30 year old housewife, would our super sensitive staffer call the spouse?  If the caller was an 80 year old retiree would our super sensitive staffer call the retirement home?  Somehow I don’t think so.

Yes, our Super Sensitive Staffer has “first amendment rights,” and is entitled to be as offended as Great Auntie Ellie might be; what he does NOT have is the privilege of whining to a person’s school, place of employment, or others in authority, to express that sentiment to the detriment of the individual.  The ACLU argues that a constituent has the right to expect a reasonable measure of privacy:

“We at the ACLU of Nevada and the public would certainly welcome Congressman Amodei’s justification of his office’s retaliation against his constituent. While congressional staffers do have First Amendment rights, they do not have rights to retaliate against constituents by exposing their confidential conversations and communications,” Story said. “Every constituent petitions the government with an expectation of privacy, if their opinion is to be made public, that choice is the constituents to make, not the Congressman’s or his staff’s. The oath the congressman swore to uphold applies to every constituent, not just the ones with whom he agrees.”

There’s a bit more to examine here:

After this call, a staffer from Congressman Amodei’s office called Noah’s school and, in an act of unconstitutional retaliation, reported this conversation as “offensive.” Noah was then suspended for two days for “disrespectful behavior/language,” even though none of his speech was directed at school staff or other students.

It would seem that the Super Sensitive Staffer decided to not only contact the school with a direct report of the young man’s comment, but added his own opinion stating the call was “offensive.”  Indeed, the Super Sensitive Staffer may have his opinion, but why else would he call McQueen High School unless he intended for the school to do something in retribution for the so-called “offense?”  To do so would leave us with the impression that our Super Sensitive Staffer is the sort of person who would hang out at the mall, and then call schools should those wearing their school identifying clothing engage in public displays of affection?  “I just thought I should tell you that _____ was hanging out with a ____ at the mall, and they were…kissing…in public…right there in front of everyone…”

As a public service, Desert Beacon offers a glossary of terms one might wish to use during calls to Congressman Amodei’s office lest his Super Sensitive Staffers be “offended.”

For “get off your f-ing asses” we might substitute the following:

Please abjure fornication with a beast of burden (or posteriors, backsides) such that time is available for legislative action. 

Do terminate coition with any equus asinus (or buttocks, bottoms) for an interval of sufficient length for the consideration of necessary legislation.

It is requested that coitus be interrupted with a neddy (or hindquarters, fanny, rumps) so that legislative issues might be discussed and debated.

We call for the cessation of copulation with any and all burros (or derriéres)   in order to give ample time to consider the passage of desired legislative action.

We encourage the Representative to discontinue any intimate relationship with donkeys (or posteriors, fundaments) so that necessary legislation may be considered and enacted. 

Here’s hoping other Amodei constituents will find these suggestions helpful when dealing with Amodei’s Super Sensitive Staffers.  Good Luck.

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