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Coffee and the Papers: Yucca, Dust, and More

** The infamous Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository idea is still dead.  Although, two members of the Nevada Congressional contingent, Representatives Amodei (R-NV2) and Heck (R-NV3), are cuddling up to the “research park” idea.  [Las Vegas Sun]    Senior members of the Congressional delegation are unimpressed:

“Rep. Shelly Berkley says the four NRC members targeting Jaczko are simply trying to “turn our state into a radioactive wasteland,” while Sen. Dean Heller complained that the commissioners “should be focusing on the safety of the American public, not internal politics.”

Although there are many important safety issues at play in this fight, an important subtext — as Berkley and Heller recognize — are attempts by the industry and its allies to stall for time with the hope that a new president revives the Yucca Mountain project.”  [Full Article Las Vegas Sun]

** The Righthaven litigation shop continues maneuvering through the bankruptcy process.  It’s still too early to declare the outfit a dead zone.  [Las Vegas Sun]

** Does one member of the Nevada Board of Economic Development want the Brookings Institution to do its work for it?  Brookings reported on economic diversification (or the lack thereof) in Nevada, most Board members seem willing to use the report and other state generated information to prepare a plan.  [Nevada News Bureau]  Would diversification come more easily if we weren’t being ‘mugged’ by casinos? [NVEmpFocus]

** Nye Gateway has the run-down on votes by the Nevada Congressional Delegation.   One of the votes is particularly interesting — Representative Mark Amodei (R-NV2) voted in favor of H.R. 1633, an act to prevent revision of Clean Air regulations regarding ambient nuisance dust created as a result of farming activity.   The problem?  There is NO regulation of “farm dust” under consideration.  [Reuters] [McCarthy, EPA testimony, pdf]

** The Nevada View amplifies economist Paul Krugman’s conclusion that income inequality of the magnitude experienced in the United States at the moment is bad for democracy.   No surprises here, Citigroup’s 2006 analysis in their infamous Plutonomy Memos is well known, and are items the corporation is now trying desperately to suppress.   Good luck, as anyone who has hit “send” on a questionable text, tweet, or e-mail can attest — once in the Internet Pipeline “stuff” is forever.

** Nevada Progressive looks at the fumbling, stumbling Romney campaign and its chances in the Silver State.  Washington Monthly looks at yet another Flippity Flop from the ever-transforming candidate.

** The Sin City Siren passes along information from the National Women’s Law Center concerning the necessity of extending pay roll tax cuts, including the following: “A failure to extend unemployment insurance will hurt women–with an estimated 2.6 million women affected by the UI extension.  Further, Ellie reports that Dr. Adriana Kugler, chief economist for the Dept. of Labor, said that 2.2 million women, 900,000 Latinos, 1.2 million African Americans, and 3.6 million children will be directly affected by the failure to extend unemployment insurance benefits by Dec 31.”  (emphasis in original)

** From The Department of No Surprises:  Gingrich’s tax plan would codify lower taxes for the rich than for the middle class. [TPM full story] Rick Perry’s tax proposal would cut taxes for the ultra-rich. [TP full story]  Mitt Romney’s tax plan benefits the ultra-rich whose income is derived from capital gains, inheritance (where he got his start), and speculation. (Can we say Bain Capital Management?)  [PolicyShop]

** Bark Bark… has an interesting analysis of Newt Gingrich’s “invented people” narrative: It’s part of the dog whistle to signal an “Attack on White Male Supremacy.”   “Others” aren’t legitimate, “others” are invented, “others” aren’t White Males of European Descent.  “You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and… blow.” [To Have and Have Not, 1944]

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