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A Brief Reference Desk on Russian Interference Conspiracy

It no longer matters what the Twit in Chief thinks of the investigations into Russian interference in our election systems and institutions.  He’s staked his territory and if in a major tweet-tantrum this weekend he could not bring himself to say “Putin,” then that should tell us all we need to know.  However, at the risk of redundancy, I’d like to make a list of links to reports and information which concern the Russian conspiracy to sow discord and distrust in our democracy.

At Number One:  Please look through the Cardin Report from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Here is the link to the press release summation of the report.  Here is a link to the full report (pdf).  There are also links related to the report at the press release page. Those are highly informative.

At Number Two:  Please read the US District Court for the District of Columbia versus 13 Russians and related corporations. (Also in pdf)  If anyone is not yet convinced the Russians were serious about attacking the United States, this indictment should be very educational.

At Number Three:  The Center for American Progress issued its report on election security in all 50 states. No state received an A grade. The report illustrates precisely why the current situation should be taken very seriously.  Please keep in mind that we are no longer speaking of “meddling” or ‘collusion,” but of an outright conspiracy to disrupt our elections.

At Number Four: The January 6, 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment of Russian interference into US elections. (pdf) This is the public version of a highly classified report, so it is missing a significant amount of specificity.  However, it is still useful as an early guide to the nature of the Russian’s conspiracy.

I believe these are the best public sources of information I’ve found to date regarding the Russian conspiracy and the US response or lack thereof.   I’d highly recommend a perusal of them to those who have not already done so.

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