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So, what is it?

Citizen Trump’s pronouncements on the situation for migrants on our southern border are confusing. For example,  are the conditions so dire they will be a deterrent to other people from Central America? (Trumpian base of deplorables cheers happily.) Or, are they just fine, and the press — heretofore denied access — should all flock to the Rio Grande for photographs? (Trumpian base of deplorables cheers happily.)

Are there children unwashed? Without toothbrushes? Without medical care? Without clean clothing?  Because… they don’t want showers? They don’t know how to brush their teeth? They are better off here than they were at home? (Trumpian base of deplorables cheers happily.)  Or, if the conditions are bad enough people won’t want to subject their children to this treatment?  Trumpian base of deplorables cheers happily.)

The President has or has not seen the border detention facilities? He said he’d seen the facilities and everything was fine. (Trumpian base of deplorables cheers happily.) Or, he hasn’t actually visited any of the detention centers, but he knows everything is just fine. (Trumpian base of deplorables cheers happily.)

There are, frankly speaking, nothing but mixed messages coming from this incompetent administration regarding the conditions in which adults and children are being held.  Further, while we’re trying to find out what is happening in supposedly short term processing centers, we’re not asking enough questions about what’s going on in the TrumpCamps.

This morning the administration is touting improvement at CBP centers, saying only 26 children remain in custody. Good, but of those no longer counted among the border detainees, how many are reunited with family? How many are still separated from family members?

We can, and should be, more specific when asking about those youngsters who’ve been assigned to places like the Homestead facility.  Where are the adolescent girls held? Under what conditions? With what kind of supervision and assistance?  Do all the youngsters have immediate access to legal representation? To education? To health and recreation programs? Are the children under the supervision of adults who aren’t likely to refer to them by using insulting slang terms?

Unfortunately, we’re not likely to get definite answers, and those we do get will be contradictory and confusing.  This cannot continue.

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Civility Snivility

Civility?  They want civility?  Yes, and I want for disabled people not to be mocked.  I want for third world nations not to be referred to as sh*tholes.  I want members of Gold Star families not to be vilified.  I want women not to mentioned in reference to their private parts. I want members of Congress not called low energy or low intelligence.  I want immigrants not referred to as invaders and sources of infection.

I want gang members prosecuted alongside human traffickers but not conflated with asylum seekers.  I want members of our armed forced recognized for their voluntary service but not forgotten the moment someone notices they were promised housing, education, and support services for their families.  I want Dreamers to Dream. I want migrants to work. I want pastors, rabbis, imams, and priests to pray for a righteous world where “justice is love when it’s out in public.”

However, if a person keeps talking about my Mexican-American neighbors as though they were rapists, murderers, and thieves, instead of hard working much respected naturalized citizenry restaurant workers — don’t expect much “civility” from me.

If a person disparages my Native American friends protesting the pollution of waters and the exploitation of land, rather than thanking them for their stewardship, then don’t expect much “civility” from me.

If a person wants fancy military parades, but is content with “just a few” homeless veterans, who may or may not be self medicating to overcome PTSD; who may or may not be unable to relate to family, friends, and employers who cannot (and will probably never) be able to truly understand their combat experience, then don’t expect me to be all that “civil.”

If a person thinks banning Muslim immigrants, and even visitors, from our land will somehow “keep us safer,” then I’m inclined to believe I’d be safer without the persons who want to ban them than from those visitors and immigrants themselves. Somehow, I feel safer with people who want Due Process for everyone, not just for their friends and related indicted co-conspirators.

If a person conflates a five year old migrant child with a twenty five year old Los Angeles street gang member then don’t expect me to be all that “civil.”  If a person believes that separating children from their parents without even a hint of a plan for family reunification is good “civics,” then count me out of the “civility” discussion.

Racism isn’t civil. Sexism isn’t civil. Misogyny isn’t civil. Bigotry isn’t civil. Intolerance isn’t civil.  Prejudice and bias aren’t civil.  Crude epithets and coarse nicknames applied to political and social opponents aren’t civil.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7

So, a member of the current mis-administration couldn’t get served in a restaurant?  How many members of our African American communities have found restaurant food service difficult to come by over the decades?  Unto this very day.  Another member of this mis-administration was heckled verbally after she chose — and this was the height of tone deafness — to eat in a Mexican restaurant.  So sorry Mz. Pearl Clutcher, but how many babies were not being fed at their mother’s breasts while she wanted to eat her burrito in peace?

And you want me to be “civil” lest I offend the baby snatchers, bigots, and racists?    Just for the record, I advise folks that I do upon occasion disparage baby snatchers, bigots, and racists, so please gird your loins accordingly.  I invite those I’ve annoyed to go read a handy supermarket tabloid to find succor for your politics of personal grievance, or find some KKK flyers to sustain your dark hearts.

In turn, I will be ever so much more civil when I get answers to questions like:

Where are the girls?

Where are the babies?

When will the children be reunited with their parents?

When will the administration stop manufacturing specious crises to foment support for ill advised, and uncivil policies?

And, again — Where are the little girls? Where are the little children?

People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.“— Mark 10:13-16  Amen!


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