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Vote Suppression: Alive and Well and In Need of Adult Supervision

Unfortunately, when the GOP gets nervous about elections the old “Voting Fraud” banner goes up.  There are several good articles and posts about this phenomena that make the DB recommended reading list.

“Now that America’s Awake the GOP Plans to Keep us from Voting”  Politicususa, May 31, 2012.     “THE RIGHT TO VOTE UNDER ATTACK: The Campaign to Keep Millions of Americans from the Ballot Box,” PFAW.   “Voter Fraud Hysteria,” Politico.  “Palm Beach Election Supervisor Rejects Florida Voter Purge List,” Think Progress. “How Florida Governor Rick Scott Could Steal the Election for Romney,” Think Progress.

For more information: See Project Vote. See The Brennan Center.

Let the Administration know that the Department of Justice should look into this matter in Florida here.

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Over, Under, and Whatever: Nevada News Roundup

Underwhelmed?  Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney won the Nevada GOP caucus…OK, that was expected.  However, the turnout for the event was less than expected.  [Las Vegas Sun] The Nevada Progressive was paying attention to the process.  500 caucus members showed up in Carson City; [NNB] there are 10,493 registered Republicans in the City. [NVsos]  The Secretary of State has some numbers which should be of interest to Democratic Party officials and activists:

The Secretary of State’s Elections Division reports that Republicans increased their number of active voters by 4,465 whereas Democrats increased active voters by 1,202. At the end of January, 400,310 active Republican voters and 447,881 active Democratic voters are registered in Nevada. In all, active Nevada voters total 1,082,705, an increase of 6,688 from the previous month.

Over enthusiastic?  And, no, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich isn’t dropping out.  He’s going to rack up a string of victories… [TPM] somewhere. Meanwhile he secured 22.7% of the Nevada GOP vote, winning only in Mineral County, [TPM]  population 4,772. [Census] Final totals available here.

Out of whack?  A case can be made that economically  “things are worse than they look because the U6 table shows more unemployed than the ‘regular’ figures,” but one should be careful with that [WashMonthly] because as the chart from the Christian Science Monitor illustrates the U6 tends to track with the conventional U3 numbers.

Frauds?  Remember when back in 2005 the Indiana governor signed a voter ID bill because it was “necessary to prevent fraud?”  Well, now what do we find but that the Indiana Secretary of State, Republican Charlie White has been convicted of….voter fraud. [Think Progress]  If memory serves, back in Psych 101 they called this Projection.

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