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Dean Heller’s Shiny New Endorsement

Appointed Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) is pleased to accept the endorsement of the Western Representation PAC, which describes its rationale as follows:

“I founded Western Representation PAC at the height of the mortgage crisis and the bank and auto bailouts,” said the group’s co-founder and Chairman Dustin Stockton. “We back candidates who oppose government intrusion in the free market and we support those who provide leadership based on personal responsibility. Few leaders today embody our philosophy of helping those hit hardest by the Obama Economy without adding to government’s debt burden. I am proud to back Senator Heller’s re-election effort as we work towards building a conservative majority in the Senate.”

One might wonder if this, is indeed, the self same Dustin Stockton, who was at pains to denounce charges that the Tea Party harbored racism last April. [Video] [YouTube]  Stockton calls Tea Party Express commentary from Mark Williams “unfortunate,” but dismisses racism charges as nothing more than “campaign strategy.”   The announcement continues:

“Based in Reno, NV, Western Representation PAC is eager to help win a crucial victory in its home state. Its independent fundraising and expenditure campaign in support of Heller is already underway, and it hopes to make a donation directly to Heller’s campaign shortly. Heller joins a list of strong conservative candidates backed by Western Representation PAC, including Rep. Allen West, Martha Zoller, and Richard Mourdock.”

This would be the same Rep. Allen West whose collection of infamous quotations expands by the day.  Martha Zoller is an ultra-conservative radio talk show host based in Georgia, now running for that state’s 9th Congressional District.   Zoller urged her followers to continue the fight against Planned Parenthood in the Human Events magazine, including the following:

“So, as we have done since the passage of Roe v. Wade, we will continue to fight to protect life.  Some say social conservatives need to take a backseat to the fiscal issues in this county.  I say they are linked.  There will be days where we lose the battle, as we did on Friday.  And there will be days when we will have to take the battle to the hearts and minds of the American people.  Because we’ve suffered a setback in the debate on Planned Parenthood, do not step away from opportunities to talk about the sanctity of life, adoption, and other “planned parenthood” options with those you meet.  In the end, we will win this battle, whether it is in the halls of Congress or in the hearts of Americans.”

Zoller also employed an interesting rhetorical trick in her article, note how she repeats false information while appearing to question it:

“If it is true Planned Parenthood makes most of its money on abortion procedures, and in fact it is the largest abortion provider in America and probably in the world, then let it rework its profits from abortion to provide the other health care services for women that are so important.”

No, Planned Parenthood does NOT make most of its money on abortion procedures, and in fact only 3% of the services provided by PP are abortion related, but Zoller gets the talking points in while treading carefully away from downright lies.

Richard Mourdock is the Tea Party challenger for Senator Richard Lugar’s Indiana seat.  Mourdock is getting support from Tea Party advocates but remains far behind Lugar in fundraising.

“The Tea Party Express, a national group, recently endorsed Mourdock shortly after a group of Indiana tea partyers officially approved his campaign. The conservative FreedomWorks is also set to endorse Mourdock on Oct. 21, said a Republican aide familiar with the group’s upcoming endorsement; that aide spoke on the condition of anonymity because the aide was not allowed to speak publicly for the group.”  [HuffPo]

For a candidate who wishes his constituents to see him as “moderate” this is certainly interesting company for Heller’s candidacy.

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