The Great Nevada Bundy Babe Battle


Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R-LV4) will chair the Assembly Taxation Committee?  Sometime before the February 2nd opening of the Assembled Wisdom, Nevada Republicans need to get the clown car in operating condition.  Part of the reclamation project seems to be to explain the part where a person with tax liens gets to head a Taxation Committee.  She’s heading the Taxation Committee? She’s not heading the Taxation Committee? She’s not heading the Taxation Committee because there’s a GOP war on Women? She is heading the Taxation Committee because there’s no war on women, or she is heading the Taxation Committee because she can explain the tax liens? [Ralston]  [RGJ]

Those tax liens aren’t piddling, they add up to more than $1 million [[RGJ]  And, yes, she’s explained that an embezzling employee is at the root of the unfortunate matter – and there will be consequences (unspecified) — [CO] A list of the liens and release dates can be located here.  Scroll down and there’s another list of liens, some of which have not been released.  The Assemblywoman’s assertion that she is ‘all clear’ with the IRS indicates she might not be quite so entrenched as her compatriot Cliven Bundy in the Don’t Pay Taxes To the Occupying Government bunker — At least not so much as to Go Down Waving The Gadsden Flag before the almighty Government image she’d prefer during engagements with the Nevada GOP/Tea Party?

Fiore describes herself as a ‘health care industry CEO,’ of “Always There Personal Care,” and as manager/managing member of “Always There 4U LLC”, she’s also listed as once associated with Stage Left Productions LLC (now dissolved), and Galactic Pictures Corporation (permanently revoked). [NVSoS] Always There 4U LLC is listed five times in the Department of Health’s notices of investigations for deficiencies (2009-2014), and Always There Personal Care was the subject of two. [NSDH] Most were resolved without further action by the state agency.  Fiore may believe herself to be beleaguered by government red tape, but the record indicates she’s had relatively few and usually mild encounters with state regulatory agencies.

While her “anti-government” protestations may resonate weakly in terms of her actual business experiences, her propensity for “saying bad words” could push her into the Ira Hansen wing of racially repugnant Republicans, in the wake of the Bundy Battle her words were almost pure Limbaugh:

“At the station, Fiore continues her attacks on BLM agents, whom she called “Nazi-minded” bullies. During a commercial break, she criticizes government leaders for dividing America by race and political party. She uses Democratic Rep. Steven Horsford as an example, saying Horsford was the first person to accuse Bundy of being a racist on Twitter, while Horsford’s wife, an education scholar at UNLV, promotes the “negro student of America” in her writing.

“You talk about a racist household,” Fiore says later. “What if I went and printed an article saying the ‘white woman student of America.’ What would happen? I mean, we have Black Entertainment Television. What would happen if we started White Chick TV? Are you kidding me?” [LVSun]

Attempting to play the role of victim in a society beset with white privilege usually isn’t successful.  However, it may play well with the 16-18%:

“Overall, 79 percent of Americans in the poll said “racism is still a problem in American life,” while only 16 percent said it was not. Among white Americans, 77 percent said racism is a problem, with 18 percent saying it is not. In fact, 57 percent of Americans, including 58 percent of white Americans, said they know someone who is racist.” [HuffPo]

At any rate, the Nevada Republican Party members in the statehouse have until February 2nd to figure their messy leadership problems out, and more Nevadans will have time to calculate the damage some of these people can do before the 2016 general election.

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